Health and Safety is one of our core values and is a fundamental part of our culture. We aim to be the leader in haulage and workplace safety, raising standards within the industry. We regard safety as an ethical responsibility and we are committed to creating safer working environments for our employees and customers. We manage the safety of our people and the quality of our equipment by collaborating and implementing safe systems of work.

We firmly believe in investing in our people and we empower them to make sensible choices about their own safety and the safety of others by encouraging and supporting them to continually challenge the environment in which they work.


We continually invest in developing and promoting safer ways of working. For road/cycle safety, all drivers are trained in defensive driving and how to cope with the challenges posed by pedestrians, cyclists, and other vulnerable road users, and also undertake Safer Urban Driver training to ensure they are skilled to drive in cities.


We are pioneering a team of specialist London drivers who are professionals in making the last leg of deliveries into the city. This has required expansion of our depot network to include our first London Consolidation Centre in Dagenham to detach the long-haul leg from the last mile of the delivery.


To complement our fleet of specialist urban drivers we are also working with an engineering team from Dennis Eagle to develop our own bespoke Urban Tractor Unit which we aspire to launch in 2017 as the world’s first 44-tonne vehicle with Direct Vision of vulnerable road users.