Our mission is to provide a safe, efficient service, delivered to the highest of quality standards. Ensuring that we remain compliant with regulations and legislation is a key focus

FORs Gold

In December 2016 we achieved the FORS Gold standard. FORS is a voluntary scheme that promotes best practice and encompasses all aspects of safety, efficiency, and environmental protection by encouraging and training fleet operators to measure, monitor and improve performance.


At the start of 2017, recognising the need of our customers we achieved ISO 9001:2015. ISO is a set of international standards that ensure products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality. For us, ISO is about ensuring we provide consistency to our customers across all processes and operations, certifying reliability and dependability.


The CPA sets out terms and conditions for plant hire agreements ensuring fair operating terms for both the customer and supplier. The CPA offers clarity on each party’s responsibilities and their views are well respected within the industry.

We are a member of the CPA, which assists us in offering a fair and consistent service and remaining up to date with standards within the industry. Dan Thompson, head of Explore Plant Hire, has recently been voted onto the CPA Council.


CLOCS aims to achieve a visionary change in the way the construction industry manages work related road risk, whilst providing an opportunity for clients and developers to look out for the wider community. We have adopted this standard in a number of ways by:

  • Improving the safety of our vehicles and displaying clear warning signs for vulnerable road users
  • Addressing on-site health and safety and work related road safety
  • Encouraging wider adoption of best practice across the industry



Being a member of ALLMI means we represent and promote the safe use of lorry loaders and best practice in accordance with current legislation and training requirements.


The Freight Transport Association provides support to ensure operations remain safe, efficient and compliant, all of which are key values we strive to promote.


The Heavy Transport Association is the only specialist association for the heavy/abnormal load industry. Being a member means we are part of a highly specialist group of operators within the industry.