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HGVs Could Be Stacked Along A55 After No-Deal Brexit

North Wales Minister Ken Skates has revealed plans to stack Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) along a stretch of the A55 to minimise the impact of a potential no-deal Brexit.

The A55 is connected to Holyhead ferry port, the key entry and exit point for import of goods from the UK into and from Ireland. As the second busiest ferry port in the UK, it provides an essential link in the UK’s supply chain.

A no-deal Brexit would see goods from the UK treated being from a “third country” upon entering EU countries – such as Ireland. This would incur additional checks, causing potential delays and traffic on the A55.

Analysis by the Department of Transport suggests the likelihood of HGVs crowding into surrounding areas from the port is minimal, thanks to Holyhead Port’s existing facilities.

However, the Welsh Government maintains that, “There is a risk of some disruption to the normal flow of goods.”

Ken Skates commented, “We have repeatedly called on the UK Government to rule out the threat of a no deal. At the forefront of our mind has been the need to keep the Holyhead Dublin ferry route open and as attractive to freight hauliers as possible.

“These plans for Holyhead have been many months in the making. We have worked with our partners, including the emergency services and local authorities to devise these contingency measures.

“These plans have been designed to ensure the impact on Holyhead and the surrounding area is minimal.”


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